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noun, male

mine manager or mining foreman

Steiger is a Software-as-a-Service management suite for cryptocurrency mining facilities of all sizes. It is able to manage all aspects of a mining operation - be it 3 or 30000 machines. Every step in the lifecycle of a miner (we call them “units”) - from the initial recording, the configuration and pool settings of the machine, to the monitoring of performance and temperature as well as location of individual machines within the farm - Steiger has a solution for it.

Steiger also offers pro features like labourer tracking, invoicing and a ticketing system that big scale operations and colocation providers missed so far.

Steiger is web based - you only need a browser to use it. However, to properly control your units and gather their stats, you need to install a local management service, we call ‘Kumpel

Steiger main goal is simplicity and ease-of-use. Once Kumpel is set up, all important aspects of your miners can be administered within the Steiger software. There is no need to install software on your ASICs or ever login to any of your units again!

Steiger ecosystem overview

Steiger ecosystem overview