Download the binary with your browser, create config file, start. For ease of use it is recommended to create a service. This is described in this section

Download binary for Win x86

creating the config file

You need to create a config file within the Kumpel installation directory. This is explained in the Configuring Kumpel section.

Windows Defender warning

On first run (depending on your Windows version) there will most likely be a warning, similar to this:

Windows Defender

Windows Defender warning

To proceed, click on “More info”. A link to “Run anyway” will appear. Click that to proceed:

Windows Defender

Windows Defender run anyway

Starting Kumpel on system start


If you just want to automatically start the steiger daemon once you log in, this is the easiest way.

  • Press Win-R
  • enter
  • a folder opens; drop a link to the Kumpel binary in there

With Resource Kit

To create an actual service for Windows, refer to this documentation from Microsoft on how to create a serivce on Windows.